Friday, April 9, 2010

Changing Times Changing Weather

Since moving to Raleigh things have changed a lot. At first Lisa spent all of her time at home with Sara. Now she is working as a part-time nanny. It's great because she can take Sara with here and we don't have to pay for daycare. I thought we were busy when I first moved here but it has become much busier and diversity of business is growing. When we first opened the shop we had a wide range of services that we were offering. This helped pay the bills and get things off the ground. Now that we have a larger client base, each thing is starting to take off, so our workload is far greater than we can handle. Thankfully Clay Conner is working with us and has made it much easier to get things done in a reasonable amount of time.

I've also been playing music with two guys that I met through a mutual friend. We've been playing acoustic instrumental music which I am very excited about. Currently we are continuing to grow our song list and working towards solid recordings and performances. As we get there we'll start releasing material for you all to hear.

In addition to all of this I have been asked to write a series of music theory books for a string company that is just about to launch their product. I was hesitant to take it because I can barely do the work I need to now. But it's a good opportunity and I like the idea behind the strings so I am going to go for it. Many people struggle for work everyday and I am blessed to have more than I can handle.

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sammiboii said...

Happy For you and love you bro. Hope you get even busier but not so busy you forget your boys.

Your retarded albanian friend.