Friday, December 11, 2009

Family and Guitars

Time has literally slipped away this year for me. I would venture to say the reasons are that we added a new family member, new business, teenage daughter, and so on. I certainly could not do it without Lisa. I also would be in deep water if it wasn't for my business partner Howard. It all seems heavy some days but I couldn't be more happy. For the first time in my life I am at a place where I am able to stay emotionally balanced in tough situations versus being all out angry or completely shut down. I can't attribute the change to any one thing.

Before having a family and children I always imagined the beginning stages of parenthood being the most difficult (changing diapers, poor sleep, loss of freedom, etc.) But as I've raised the kids I realize I was quite off in my thinking; although in 10 years I'm sure I'll have yet another view. At the moment I would say having a teen in the home is a big challenge. I feel fortunate because Serenity is really a great person but the level of drama and sneakiness is tough for me.

This day and age is also very different from when we were teens. One thing that I am experiencing is that facebook allows me way more information about Serenity's life than my parents ever had about me. Some would say it's good...but you haven't read the things I have. I would imagine a lot of parents are experiencing the same. I know I'm not saying anything new but it is extremely hard to have your child that you've raised and helped through the years treat you or your spouse with such blatant disrespect. We love her more than she can understand at the moment.

Sara is doing well. She loves Serenity so much and I'm really enjoying this age of innocence. I am trying not to let this time with her just slip away and then come to realize shes grown up, doesn't want to be at home anymore, and curses me behind my back when she doesn't get what she wants.

The store is going well. Business seems to be picking up a little going into the Christmas season. We just had our first student recital and it went very well. I was so impressed by them. They all worked hard and did a great job. Thanks to all the Guru Guitars fans out there. Keep spreading the word!

I hope you all have a great Christmas. I'll see some of you soon.